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melinda hsu

even though this is mainly a picture site  i did post it here as some of you dont visit morrissey solo at all/or do not visit nither  the forums no the main baord regulary anymore.and i want to reach as many moz fans as possible.
a long time fan of moz , melinda hsu -posting as mel_torment both on main baord and forums.often wrote very detailed accounts)has passed away.  she had attended many concerts and  a lot of you are prob recognize her face from the queue.there is a flickr site from jay tando with pics of her. we want to sent a wreath in the name of morrissey fans to the memoral on the 15 th and also thinking about if there is enough money collected  to spend some of it to a donation.

check this thread(as to who collects the money etc)
and this

as she has been mostly up front and has often talked to moz on the show here are some pics of him reaching out and connecting with the fans here are some pics from motorcycleaupairboy:

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Such a sad post. I'm sure Moz fans are united in condolences.
That's a great idea for someone who was clearly a great person :)
As more of a lurker* in Mozdom, I never knew Mel personally but the comments I've seen in the last couple of days have made it clear that she was a wonderful person. The wreath/donation is a beautiful idea. Thank you for posting this.

*I have solo's front page updates appear on my flist here, but I don't venture into the forums.

Mud sends the link:

Statement from Morrissey -
30 April 2010
Update: 05/01 21:39 GMT:
An anonymous person writes: Coverage of Melinda Hsu's passing published a brief article about Melinda Hsu's untimely death and Morrissey's statement on

* Related item: Melinda Hsu - Apr. 24, 2010

Friends of Melinda are collecting donations to go to a nice arrangement for the memorial which family members have said they would appreciate. Any left over will be donated to PETA & diabetes research.

Donations can be made via Paypal to my email address at:

Please make donations by May 10. Please send any questions to Melissa at